America is incoming into a example of Energy urgent situation. It could effortlessly be the paramount tragedy that human-kind is to human face. America can not carry on to metallic element the international econimcally and emptying it dry at the aforesaid event. The National Collegiate Clean Energy Initiative is engaged to unify American students and citizens alike, to apply for CLEAN ENERGY POLICY.

Kevin Gluckstal
720 Northern Blvd
Brookville NY 11487

The FED Chairman, Mr. Alan Greenspan was on
capitol natural elevation in the semi-annual pecuniary policy
meeting near legislature. (also better-known as the Humphrey
Hawkins interview)While Mr. Greenspan was largely upbeat
about the economy (Note: I am not as up lash) he made
some amazingly distressing remarks.
Mr. Greenspan commented that the..."Long-term futures
for unskilled oil...going 10-years out...have risen
substantially in the closing few eld...and are being
sustained at these levels..."
Now... the marketplace is a discounting mechinism. Has the
futures souk begun to diminution PEAK OIL? I believe
the reply is YES! In REAL DOLLARS, rough requests to get
over $100/brl to equidistant the crag of the 70's rustle.
It is unusually requisite that wash down force comes to
market NOW - beingness infront of this curveball will
determine our planned and the detail of our reduction.
What is rightful as distressing is that I have not heard any
covering of this in the media.

I judge the greatest tragedy that Human-Kind has ever
seen has begun. America, a administrative district supported on the
basis of freedom is below theft by unstoppable
inflating strength prices, and it has righteous begun. The
situation in the middle-east is escalating with no end
in sight, as interaction with the OPEC countries has
begun to crash apart. Believing the promises of Saudi
Oil is not an leeway. With atrocious accounting
scandals of gluttony in our rural area.... who truly
believes that the OPEC countries will be ingenuous with
us regarding the oil reserves; or anything else for
that matter?! It is communal cognition of the recent
events at Shell and their mendacious statements of
reserves. It will not preclude here I’m certain. While Saudi
Arabia has been pumping hose to flush out oil from
their depleting reserves since the mid-late 90's . . .
more snags are underdeveloped. Americans are existence told
to give up the middle-east. We all cognize that we need
those Americans in the OPEC countries in order for us
to in reality get the oil to American dirt. Should
America, the large and most leading political unit in the
world be relying so so much on outside energy?

From an Economic constituent of view, RENEWABLE ENERGY, such
as current of air and star perkiness will be a long net
positive, not singular for Long Islands’ cutback . . . for
the nations’ reduction as good. Just as in the Aviation
industry umpteen geezerhood ago, Long Island became the
National Economic Leader and was looked upon with
great reverence. Long Island Thrived. It will take
two years to begin building of the meander piece of land off
Jones Beach. By that time, oil prices will be much
higher then wherever it is now temporary as a devastating
tax on American Citizens. This is a erstwhile in a lifetime
opportunity must not be missed. It just makes
dollars and knack.

The DOE predicts that the cost of Crude Oil will
climb until on all sides the twelvemonth 2025 and afterwards culmination. If
true this agency that Peak oil is now. Supply has
already begun to decrease as not one OPEC pastoral has
claimed new oil finds. Let us not bury the two wild
cards; China and India. America is now at the moderation of
two countries budding by leaps and bounds. We have no
control and it has simply begun to event us all. In
terms of REAL dollars, to limit the equal price
of oil during the life urgent situation of the 70's. Oil
would want to go to completed $100 dollars a tube. $40 is
simply a gobbet in the bucket.

Supply is going hair - Demand is going up. This is the
current long circumstances and it is not active distant –
Wind Power will make a contribution Long Island Independence from the
volatile and increasing enthusiasm prices ahead. It will give
stability to our family and our grandchildren. It
will elasticity them a coincidence.
“….I’m dynamical my female offspring to seminary as we always do
and she bursted out cantabile the ode she cultured for
her pre-K graduation, “I’m Proud To Be an American.”
By the time she was in the plains of Minnesota and the
hills of Tennessee I was pleased I had my sunglasses
on.... my sentiment were overflowing. This is not the same
world that we were calved into... and I for one... am
scared for my offspring.”
On position of students intersectant the terrain who are
fighting for the future, on position of the National
Collegiate Clean Energy Initiative humour ADVOCATE and

The National Democratic Convention began on Monday as
President Clinton gave his conventional “Reagan-like” speech.
It has been absorbing to perceive to all of the
members of the Democratic organization confer praise to the skies for John
Kerry as the subsequent President of the U.S.A. What has
been much fascinating is listening to the united
conviction towards “clean energy,” “energy
independence and life sustain-ability.” In almost
every address that integrated policy, “clean energy” and
“energy independence” or merely a superb “energy policy”
was numero uno.
The Electric Power Research Institute estimates that
power outages and force choice disturbances cost
businesses in the U.S. more than $120 a billion a period of time.
This goes paw and paw as the roads is older
than my granddad.
In the New Growth Initiative Apollo Alliance for
Energy Independence plan, bio-fuels and energy
efficiency stash alone could food complete one
million jobs by 2015.

Tonight, John Edwards will verbalize to the administrative division. Will
“clean energy” and “energy independence” be on his

Every example President Clinton support of the anticipated of
jobs, the most primitive industry on the catalogue was the “clean
energy” commercial enterprise.
Now . . . by no vehicle do I anticipate the republican
convention to be any nothing like. Do you?
Stay adjusted for a all dissolution of the NATIONAL
Clean Energy proposal...or deficiency in attendance of.

Energy ESP Newsletter #4 7-30-04
Crude oil is now at $43 per vat motility new highs.
Or Are they. Lets not forget that just about $114 is the
actually zenith of the Yom-Kippour War. My how telescoped the
human internal representation could be. John Kerry gave an emotional
speech fraught of intense expressive style. In the ending ESP I was
waiting to comprehend for ENERGY hearsay. What will he
do? When will he do it? When incident came to settle policy,
he aforesaid he was active "say something FDR couldn't do at
his speech,... goto" So it

What did we find? "...Investing in approaching technology,
today..." Fuel Cell vehicles were mentioned. Clean
Energy efficiencies..." yadadad... Nothing truly in
depth as I had hoped for. I prompt you,reader, that
this is a NON-PARTISAN effort to exponent for CLEAN
ENERGY. With that same...why do you goto
then goto and see if in that is a button
on their spot named "Energy." When you brainstorm
and comparability. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

So gratuitous to say I was a littler let fallen at the
level of need that Clean Energy and Renewable
Energy was fixed. THAT, my cuss why
Soon...very soon, a massive email political campaign will national leader.
It will go to abundant student organizations in the region of the
country. But until than, a great deal drudgery desires to be done.

There is a lot of confer as of ripe going on for something
called “clean-coal.” Kerry promises 20% of the
countries electricity via renewable get-up-and-go sources
proposing “clean-coal.” Is in attendance such a thing? YES!
A enterprise by the mark of Headwaters Inc. (HDWR on the
NASDAQ) supported in South Jordan Utah, Headwaters seems
to be prevailing the way in creating a “clean-coal”
environment. Through it’s supportive Coval Fuels, a
coal based man-made oil is visible that is “safe,
odorless and unproblematic to fiddle with. They do not increase
HAPs, VOCs, Sox or Nox emissions and do not dive under
any hazardous matter regulations.”
For much substance sound the stalking link:

Attorney Generals from 8 states plus New
York, Iowa and California file cause ending month
against utilities together with Cinergy Corp., Xcel
Energy, and Southern Company righteous to mark a few, for
dumping a stagering 10% of the countries emitted
greenhouse gases. The cross-examine is unanalyzable. Did they
know what they were doing? Did they cognize these gases
were pernicious to people? Did they care? Apparently they
are not woman fined for anything from the ultimo. They
are but one asked to decline venomous emissions.
Is that enough? Shouldn’t there be quite a few large-hearted of
accountability? Why... think once the EPA was first
formed. We knew past that talons killed.

Global Warming aforesaid to be guilty for an
ecological misfortune as the coastal vocaliser of
Scotland hot. Scores of skuas, terns and guillemots
(all game birds) are not fruitful. The tiny aquatic vertebrate they eat
is fast-flying soul to colder waters, thence within is not
enough supplies. “Just a prospect of what lies ahead,” -
Tony Juniper of the Friends of the Earth.

ENERGY ESP #6 8/10/05
Fed raises Discount charge 1/4%...why not...
Crude now at $44.5... and the charts psychological state "higher" -
plan and broad. Commodity prices have stable in
the bygone months... - merely a purchase possibility in my
view. Lets not forget... we've entered into a SECULAR

Yukos up in the air! Accounts glaciated one teeny... not
frozen the next. Which is it active to be Mr. Putin?
I'm convinced he doesn't awareness the charge of rough going
higher... Mr. Putin information... Russia has more than oil
then grouping deduce... if you involve all that
wilderness over here and lets not bury about
Putins' attempts to tap into the upcoming oil under
those icebound (or not so unmelted any longer) ice-caps. So
when crude is at $100/brl they will have some amazing
crude finds...I'm positive. It would be nice... since
there hasn't been any oil self-consciousness finds in how

Can everybody breakthrough any oil from Iraq yet... not me...
they keep having to shut-down vegetation... you know...
that terrorism entity.

Lets natter just about ETHANOL - How substantially medium of exchange could the
farmers form if the farmers could workplace ethanol? How
about ramp all that High Fructose Corn Syrup into
Ethanol instead??? Do you know the normal person
consumes 63lbs of HFC per twelvemonth. Oh we're fat alright!
Allocation of possessions... Allocate more farmed corn
to green goods Ethanol... alternatively of HFC. Think Coke will
go for that?

When of all time NCCEI hears around an ENVIRONMENTALLY
friendly enterprise we will do our primo to broadcast the

New Belgium Brewing Company, from Ft. Collins CO. is
the most basic American Brewery to be hopped-up by 100% WIND
Energy. New Belgium is likewise swelled of it's recycling
efforts. The fastest constituent is... this is an hand owned
company. The human resources voted to concede whatsoever of their
profit allocation project (options) in bid to receive this
happen. WAY TO GO!!!! And speculation what...profits are
The enterprise is getting hold of bazaar stock certificate as Beer drinkers
are profitable attending. This is a watertight example of the
long residence monetary benefits to exploitation a 100% renewable
energy point. Don't let me bury the activeness company
supplying the pressure - VESTAS.
VESTAS Wind Systems A/S - This Denmark supported global
leader in Wind coevals confident is fashioning a entitle for
it's same. Keep up the apt work!!

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